General Business Conditions

The General Business Conditions (GBC) are in accordance with the Czech mail order laws.

Ordering Conditions

The items at the website serve as a catalogue of the distributed goods. The Seller can not guarantee an immediate disposal of all the items. Should any item be out of stock, it will be either delivered as soon as it is available again (without any additional transport and shipping expenses on side of the Buyer), or excluded from the order in question, or reserved for a future order; each depending on the agreement between the Seller and the Buyer. The Buyer’s order is accepted as a draft of contract of purchase once it is sent. Before it is sent, total price of the goods and shipping will be counted for the Buyer’s consent and reconcilliation, the goods are then payed for by the Buyer. Both the Seller and the Buyer can cancel the contract of purchase without giving grounds only until the order is confirmed by the Seller. However, the Seller will give grounds why the order was not accepted, should it be cancelled.

Shipping and Transport Conditions

The ordered goods will be delivered as soon as possible accordingly to its disposal.

The parcel containing the ordered goods is delivered to the address claimed by the Buyer in the contract of purchase.

The transport to the address claimed by the Buyer is assured by the Seller. The variety of transport expenses differ accordingly to whichever type of transport the Buyer chooses. The concrete types of transport are to be chosen by the Buyer during the order placement.

The parcel will always include the invoice. It is suggested that the parcel is examined on delivery and checked for any possible damages inflicted during the transport. Should any mechanical damages be discovered, it is suggested that the contents of the parcel is checked and a record is made while still in the presence of the hauler or courier should any items be missing. A discount or material compensation will be then provided by the Seller on grounds of the record confirmed by the hauler or courier. The Buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract in such a case as well.

By signing the acceptance of delivery the Buyer confirms that the goods arrived undamaged. Any further communication between the Seller and the Buyer is carried by e-mails, if they have not agreed otherwise.

Conditions of Guarantee and Complaints

Czech conditions of guarantee, guarantee and post-guarantee servis laws apply to all goods. Details of all possible complaints will be agreed on between the Seller and the Buyer and will be conveyed accordingly. The Buyer has the right to withdraw from the contract and return the untouched goods within two weeks from delivery without giving grounds. Refunds (total price reduced by the shipping fees) or exchange for goods will be to be agreed on between the Seller and the Buyer.

Protection of the Buyer’s Personal Data

The Seller gathers the Buyers’ personal data with their consent. The personal data include name, address, telephone, and email address. The data serve only to make any future orders easier.

The Buyer can subscribe to the Seller’s newsletter which will include news, advertisement, special offers, and offers for participations in market research.

The Seller is bound to keep the Buyers’ personal data confident and will not provide them to any third parties.

The personal data kept by the Seller can be changed any time after log in into the Seller’s website.

The Buyer’s consent for keeping his personal data or subscription to the newsletter can be cancelled any time at

Final Assignations

The GBC are valid for any and all contracts of purchase between the Seller and the Buyer.

The Seller saves the right to change the GBC. The changed GBC will be announced at least a month prior to their effectiveness.