Fly Line • GOLD Smooth Casting • WF

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Floating Fly Line WF Maxcatch GOLD MOOTH CASTING

Inspired by the RIO GOLD line, which is similar but slightly different. Unique cord on the market with its own Maxcatch design. The cord has welded loops at both ends for ease of use. High-quality Maxcatch Flycords, made with the latest technology at a really affordable price!

These fly lines have excellent value for money. State-of-the-art floating fly lines that, thanks to their velvety smooth surface, have perfect running through the rod eyes and minimal memory even in cold conditions, ensuring long and accurate casting.

Find out about the quality of this cord and rearrange it to the quality Maxcatch fly line today!

  • Color : green&gold
  • Length : 30m/100ft
  • Floating WF - One-sided tapered
  • AFTMA: #2  #3  #4  #5  #6  #7  #8

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