Fly Reel • AVID GS

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Fly Reel Maxcatch AVID GS

Exceptionally designed Maxcatch AVID fly reel, which has everything that should have the best reel in this category. Exceptionally smooth smooth running, incredibly quiet and vibration-free Mid Arbor Maxcatch AVID CNC micro fly reel with micro-brake in black-silver-blue design.

Modern and lightweight reel with wide and deep coil and extremely reliable and responsive brake. 360 ° swivel Teflon brake (0-9) for precise and fast reel adjustment.

Mid-Arbor Design - A great balance between backing and fly fishing capacity. The deep and wide spool will allow the use of all types of fly lines with enough backing.

Maxcatch AVID fly reels will surprise you not only with its lightness but also with its overall processing and extremely reliable brake! The Maxcatch AVID fly fishing reel is hard to find in its price range. The use of high-quality components and exceptional overall processing greatly increase the success of catching fish.
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