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Wooden Landing net Classic Trout.

Luxury wooden Landing net of classic teardrop shape with knotless net, which is gentle on caught fish. The net of the landing net is 35cm deep, which makes it possible to fit a really big fish.

The fine black knotless net is set in a light but very solid wooden frame. Due to the softness of the nylon mesh there is no risk of damage to any catch.

The wooden construction makes the landing net very light but strong enough. It even floats the landing net in the water and does not allow it to sink to the bottom after an accidental fall.

An elastic rubber is attached at the end of the handle, with a smaller carabiner at the end.

Suitable for trout and grayling.

    Landing net length with handle: 60cm
    Landing net width: 27cm
    Weight: 230g

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